Gundlach Champion

Our Purpose

Gundlach Champion’s purpose is:

  • To provide our customers and clients with labor, quality products, technical expertise, processes and services, which solve their business challenges and help, develop their businesses.
  • To be flexible and willing to pursue opportunities as they are presented to us so that we continuously expand both our products and services and the geographic areas in which we operate.
  • To operate a highly professional and ethical company in partnership with our suppliers, customers and clients, and be responsive supportive, reliable, caring and creative in our approach.
  • To create such value for our customers and clients that we become indispensable to them.
  • To provide our employees a dynamic, fun, stable and team-oriented work environment, where there are opportunities to grow, develop and advance personally and professionally and be recognized and rewarded with significant compensation for superior performance.
  • To operate at a best-in-class profitability level in all of our businesses and to contribute substantially to the financial success of our employees, customers, clients and suppliers.
  • To be good stewards of the environment and deeply involved as individuals and as a company in worthwhile causes in our communities.
  • 180 Traders Mine Road
  • PO Box 490
  • Iron Mountain Mi 49801
  • Toll Free 1.800.743.0603
  • Phone 906.779.2303
  • Fax 906.779.8947
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